Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introductions Are in Order

So this is a blog, huh? Seems like a glorified twitter of sorts, doesn't it? I can't help feeling like this is a bit terrifying. A slight feeling of stage-fright is sinking in. I suppose that should only be an issue if someone is reading this. Literary stage-fright. Is that a thing? Well, if not, it is now. Having stage-fright at this juncture, while typing away on my iPhone, is a little presumptuous. Who am I to assume anyone will be reading this at all? And, if they are, who am I to assume that they are enjoying it or not? I guess I'll just have to hope that someone out there will be amused by this collection of thoughts I am planning to unleash on the internet. I feel as though I might have something to say about something worth speaking on. At some point or another. I have an ensemble of polite and open-ended opinions and theories about the universe we live in. Maybe you, whomever you are, might see fit to add these to your intellectual arsenal.  

Perhaps I should take a moment to properly introduce myself. Yes. My name is Chrissy. Short for Christine. Family calls me Chris. I was supposed to be a Christina but my mother didn't want people shortening that to "Tina". (Thanks, mom!) I'm in my late 20s, live in beautiful upstate New York, and it is almost autumn here. Autumn is one of my favorites. I'm a Virgo, although I'm not sure what ratio of the civilized world pays attention to the zodiac anymore. Besides me, of course. I love the zodiac and completely beleive in it. It's far too precise to be some bogus collection of generalized assumptions. I'm a lesbian. Happily married to my amazing & inspiring & beautiful wife for almost two years now. I'm exceedingly open minded and understanding. I'm a vegan. I don't eat, drink, use, or wear anything that comes from animal exploitation of any kind. It's actually quite easy to do after a little research into the concept. I'm not an extremist or anything. Although I do fantasize about having the balls to be one. I'm five feet, five inches tall. I have too-long brownish hair, dark brown eyes, and a pale complexion. I'm in school for nursing although I'm told I should be a teacher. I'm afraid of the dark. Every time I watch Harry Potter I keep hoping something will change and then all those people (Madeye, Fred, Hedwig, Lupin, Tonks, Sirius, Dobby, etc.) will live and my heart won't shatter over the deaths of fictional characters. No luck so far. I have a slew of hobbies and should therefore never, ever succumb to boredom. Ever. I have three cats that, more often than not, I love. I was a smoker for far longer than I care to admit. This is my 5th week without a cigarette. (Go me!) I work at a hospital. I'd love to be able to not work at all. To stay at home and dabble in things I adore doing or spend some time traveling and seeing things worth seeing. I can't sing or play any instruments although I want to learn how to play the guitar, piano, violin, cello, and ukulele. I want to grow my own garden. I have no special or extraordinary talents. I have a lot of patientce and compassion. I dont own a house yet. Working on it. My car might die the next time I start it. I was brutally unpopular in high school. I curse far more than any self-respecting human being should. Fuckin seriously. It's bad. I'm a firm believer that enough voices and hearts and souls and minds and actions can change the world. I have three tattoos but wish I could have more. I read Anne Rice novels when I find time. I'd like to be a vampire when I grow up, and not the sparkly kind. I abhor ignorance and racism in all it's many forms. I beleive food should be your medicine. I have a bucket list at least a mile long. I'm determined to find Narnia. One of these days, I will. I annoy myself with my analytical tendencies. I don't beleive in zoos. My dream home includes a year-round garden/greenhouse, an animal sanctuary, a hiking trail, an art studio, pretty lights in the back yard, a fire pit, wisteria, jasmine, lilacs, a fireplace, a library/study with a giant bay window, an eco-friendly rain water collection system for laundry and such, solar panels, a spare room for guests, some goats, some pigs, some cats, some dogs, and perhaps a sheep or two. I suppose it would have to be a large house. I've been called a hippie more than a few times. I love making things. Jewelry, clothing, paintings, etc. The most powerful thing I've learned so far is that I can do absolutely anything I put my mind to. It really isn't just an encouraging phrase muttered to us by our grandparents when we find ourselves struggling with some mundane task as children. It's the truth. I believe that happiness is almost always a choice. I also beleive that this first entry may have run away with itself and I should save some thoughts for my next rambling blog post. But this is a good preface. 

Nice to meet you. I'm Chrissy.